Saddle Fit By Diane
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KB Super Weymouth

DeLauren - Winner 2008 Dressage at Devon
SLK Ultima


Diane will come to your farm to evaluate you and your horse. In order that you have the best possible riding experience, your saddle and bridle must fit. Diane takes the time to analyze and educate the rider, so that the result will be the right one. 


As a knowledgeable saddlefitter, Diane is able to evaluate your existing equipment. If your current saddle needs flocking, and it fits the horse fairly well, Diane can modify the flock on site, making the horse more comfortable. If it is a new saddle that is required, Diane carries new saddles with her. 


Diane carries the full line of Albion KB Bridles. She is able to customize the pieces so that the fit is correct.


  • Albion saddles
  • Albion KB bridles
  • Dobert Whips & strap goods
  • Thinline
  • Mattes
and much more...

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